5 Ways Charitable Foundations Can Use Landing Pages

Landing pages are well-known in the marketing world for their amazing features and high levels of converting cold audiences into valuable leads.

However, they aren’t just being used in the world of online marketing and business. They are also being used for non-profits, fundraising, news and media, and many other industries.

With this topic now in mind, today we are going to focus on the many different ways landing pages can be used to help charitable organizations and foundations reach new audiences, while also raising funds and awareness.

If you currently have a charity or cause of your own, be sure to consider any of the following.

1 – Focus on Upcoming Events and Fundraisers

Of the many different ways to consider the success of a charitable organization, one of the most important areas to look at is where they are making a difference and seeing how it’s all coming together.

With so many people always looking at the effects of what their time and contributions are going towards, it’s always a great idea to create landing pages that solely focus on these key areas.

A great example of this can be seen on the WE Charity site, as they not only have a full breakdown in the many causes and goals for the organization, but also how they’ve made an impact in different areas of the world.

The look and feel on their site is already great, and can easily be considered a landing page that focuses on each of the many elements, campaigns or progress taking place.

2 – Make it Easy to Collect Donations and Gifts

For most charitable foundations, one of the driving forces to keeping them alive and flourishing, is the never ending supply of donations that keep coming in.

In order for such efforts to continually happen, not only does the organization need to have a great cause and history in place, but they also need to make it extremely easy to accept donations as well.

Landing pages can definitely help in this process, as they will eliminate any distractions and just focus on the one call to action — which is to donate.

Unbounce recently came out with an article on the many different ways foundations are using landing pages to increase donations and awareness.

Be sure to take a moment to look at each of the examples in the list, as they might just give you a few ideas on how to increase the activity and volunteer numbers in your own efforts.

3 – Flow Your Audience through Social Media

Social media is one of the driving forces of attention, traffic and donations for many charitable organizations in the world today.

Just like how we’ve mentioned landing pages are great for brining attention to the cause and raising awareness, they also work extremely well on social media for the same reason.

And if you are looking to use social media for fundraising efforts, be sure to check out these quick tips from TechSoup:

  1. Create a title for your campaign.
  2. Create a hashtag to use across your social platforms.
  3. Decide how long the campaign will run.
  4. Draft a content plan and schedule.
  5. Design a unique landing page for the campaign.
  6. Set up a plan to track benchmarks along the way.
  7. Decide which team member will be responsible for each aspect of the campaign.
  8. Consider using a social media management tool like HubSpot or Hootsuite to schedule posts in advance.

With this in mind, most people on social media are looking for quick content and taking action. Landing pages provide exactly that — so instead of creating a massive article with a ton of content, try using a landing page to address the most important points of what you want to say, and then start sharing it across your favorite social media platforms.

3 – Highlight New Videos and Interviews

In addition to the massive reach and content available through social media, it’s also important to not overlook how YouTube and video content has changed fundraising and awareness efforts as well.

Landing pages can also work great for growing your subscriber count on YouTube and social media as well.

A perfect example of than can be seen with Craig Kielburger, who has always been an active name in the charitable space — while also speaking at different events around the world to help spread awareness.

Through the use of quality landing page that is focused solely on video content, anyone can start driving more attention to their best video content and charitable efforts.

And remember, it’s super important to include a ‘click here to subscribe’ button on your landing page, so users can subscribe and see all of your future video content.

5 – Great for Email Marketing and Lead Generation

Last but not least, landing pages work extremely well when trying to get a user to take any type of action. We’ve already seen many examples of this on how to use landing pages for donations, spreading awareness and more.

However, if your organization already have a mailing list or a bunch of contacts that haven’t taken action yet, a solo-mailing to your list with a link to one of your most powering landing pages can bring in a whole set of new eyes, volunteers and contributors.

Try it out and see what type of results you get!

How to Grow Your Charitable Organization with Landing Pages

Charities are much like any other business in the world today, as in they need to bring in new customers (volunteers and those who donate), in order to keep their cause and mission alive.

And without the proper marketing and social awareness in place, it will be tough to accomplish these goals.

In order to get the most out of your charity content creation and marketing efforts, be sure to consider each of the great landing page benefits and features listed above.