10 Great Credit Card Affiliate Programs to Join

Financial independence has been, and still is, the cornerstone of a strong and established personality in the worldly sense. Survival in this world is contingent upon developing a decent financial understanding, and this applies not only to individuals but businesses as well. 

Businesses pop up now and then, but only a select few end up thriving and moving forward. What distinguishes such business from their doomed-to-failure counterparts is the existence of a clear vision, plan to execute said vision and of course, a well established and researched monetization strategy. The first two depend upon several factors that are outside your control, but the last one is certainly something that you can create and improve upon with smart work and diligence.

A significant component of your financial toolbox is credit cards, which are essentially payment cards issued by organizations (generally banks) that allow you to pay for services on the condition that you are going to return the spent amount to the issuer. Due to their wide and popular use, and the fact that people seldom understand how to be responsible with them, many credit card affiliate programs have sprung up, each associated with a specific bank, that aim to streamline and improve the experience for the user.

Here are 10 of the best credit card affiliate programs that are ideal for promotion in your business. We will be focusing on the perks, downsides, and advantages to you for marketing them.

1. American Express Gold Card 

Offering credit cards in two enticing colors of rose gold and gold, this affiliate program aims to “reward your appetite for life.” It allows you to receive 20% back as a statement credit at any U.S. restaurant within the first three months of your membership. 

Furthermore, you become eligible for 25,000 Membership Rewards Points after spending $2,000 within the first three months. Add to that the airline fee and dining credits that you get ($100 and $120 respectively) and you have a pretty sweet deal.

2. Barclaycard Ring Mastercard 

If you are the kind of person who has to use the credit card frequently, especially for international transactions, this program is ideal for you. With a 0% annual percentage rate (APR) on balance transfers for 15 months (after which you get a fairly low APR of around 14%) and a complete absence of foreign transaction fees, the Barclaycard Ring Mastercard is a godsend. 

Plus, it comes along with an international chip and PIN thereby ensuring that you can use it at any chip terminal anywhere in the world.

3. Credit One Bank Visa Cash Back Rewards

Are you particularly into those enticing cash back rewards? If so, Credit One has an irresistible program for you. Not only do you get 1% cash back rewards on all eligible purchases, but you also have free online access to your credit score.

They have certainly made an effort to improve the user experience, as evidenced by the smooth way in which you can manage your account (account notifications are customizable, and it takes less than a minute to check if you pre-qualify for the rewards).

4. Fingerhut Credit Account

With a total of 20,000 products being sold across various categories, Fingerhut is a well-established merchandise retailer. The perks that you get with using this program include no annual fees, ability to build your credit history (especially If you have poor credit) and monthly payments as low as $6.99.

On the downside though, the annual percentage rate can go as high as 16% for an average card holder, while each late payment will incur a fee of up to $38.

5. Freedom Gold Card

Before we get to the actual perks and downsides of using this program, promoting it will offer you the opportunity to elevate an unsecured sub-prime credit card that does not incur a credit report, therefore, making it a very rare and high-performing category.

Freedom Gold Card members who are US residents of age 18 or older get $500 credit limit when they start. While it has no credit checks or income verification (thereby making it easier to get), it is certainly expensive, with annual costs of almost $300 being incurred for using it.

6. Green Dot prior Mastercard Gold Secured Credit Card

The one major advantage of marketing this particular program is that it converts on a funded card. As far as the merits of the program itself are concerned, it offers a very secure card that gives you credit ranging from $200 to $5000. Furthermore, there are no processing fees or minimum credit score requirements, therefore, making the process very smooth.

Unfortunately, this might not be the ideal option if you indulge in a lot of international transactions, as you will have to pay a 3% fee of the amount for each transaction, which can be quite hefty.

7. Net First Platinum

If your business is focused on the US, this program is a great option to market and promote as it only allows traffic from the within the US. Members are eligible to start with $500 in initial credit limit, and there are no credit checks, but the membership fees can be quite steep, reaching about $240 annually.

8. Progress Credit

The obvious advantage to marketing this particular program is the commission that you will earn whenever the consumer funds the card. Secure Mastercard cards are available, with credit history not being a requirement. Unsecured Visa cards are also available, and while perfect credit is not a prerequisite, they do have a considerable processing fee of $89.

9. Official NASCAR Credit Card from Credit One Bank

Individuals with poor credit are a dime a dozen, which is why this is a great program to promote because it caters to a significant subset of the population. Pre-qualification for this card is easy and fast, and it does not affect one’s credit score at all. This is one of the few sub-prime credit cards available for marketing, so it is an excellent affiliate marketing opportunity.

10. USAA Homeowners Insurance

United States Services Automobile Association (USAA) is a huge brand with immense customer support and loyalty thereby making it an excellent program to promote because it will allow you to reach out to a wider audience. Membership is open to active, retired and honorably dispatched personnel of the US military, while adult children and former/currents spouses of USAA members are eligible as well. 


Signing up for a credit card affiliate program is the key to having a cash-positive business. It’ll help your business alleviate itself to become more sustainable and generate a new source of income as well. So it’s certainly a win-win situation, something you shouldn’t pass on!