10 Examples of High Converting Landing Pages that Work

If you are looking to create or improve your landing page, it may be interesting to get inspiration from examples of landing pages that already work on other sites.

Here is a series of 10 concrete cases.

What is a landing page?

A landing page, also called landing page, is a page on your website whose sole purpose is to convert visitors into prospects or customers, particularly within the framework of an Inbound Marketing strategy. It is generally dedicated to an offer, a specific product, a campaign whose traffic comes either from sources external to your site (mailing campaign, Adwords, social networks, SEO …) or directly from other pages of your site (such as a post on your blog).

The landing page, as its name suggests, is literally the page of your site on which visitors will “land” by clicking on a Call to Action. But once they arrive on your landing page, you still have to convert your prospect again, and that’s where the art of the landing page comes in!

How do you create a landing page?

Let our marketing friends be reassured, today there are solutions to facilitate the creation of landing pages. Unless you have a dedicated development team, the advantage of these tools is that they are easy to set up and have many features.

Today, two solutions stand out in this market:

The first is Instapage, an A/B testing software adapted to the needs of SMEs, VSEs or startups. Thanks to the ergonomics and the simplicity of creating landing pages, the average conversion rate claimed is 22% for more than 130 million pages created with their tool.

The other solution I recommend is Unbounce which is a little cheaper. This solution allows you to create beautiful landing pages with disconcerting ease without being a programmer.

I have also made a comparison of the tools used to create landing pages if you don’t know which one to choose.

Examples of landing pages

I chose these landing pages because they meet a number of characteristics specific to this type of page. Of course, apart from having direct access to the statistics, it is impossible to tell you that such and such a landing page has such and such a conversion rate. But the best thing is to try it by yourself 

Are you lacking inspiration or are you simply looking for best practices for landing pages? Here’s a small compilation of landing page examples that you can use to apply to your own.

The classic landing page language

Generally simple in its layout, this type of landing page is the most basic and common form you can find. It is designed in such a way that Internet users access the offer with a single click. Normally, the information provided on the product or service will be vaguely summarized to encourage users to subscribe directly on the site.

1. Dropbox

Dropbox, created a very minimalist, but devilishly efficient landing page. The offer is completely understandable, the promise is clear and the design is sleek yet pleasing.

2. PayPlug

This landing page has an excellent design and all the qualities of an efficient landing page. Here, the registration form is cleverly highlighted by the contrast of the background photo.

3. Shopify

Shopify’s landing page focuses on simplicity. A catchy title, a short but effective description, but what makes this landing page stand out is that it highlights only one field to fill in to start the registration process. Ideal for boosting conversion rates.

4. Zendesk

Here, Zendesk has created a landing page that has all the elements of a successful landing page: a simple promise, a nice visual, a simple form and elements of reassurance at the bottom.

The Landing Page Produces

This type of landing page usually lists everything you might need to know about a specific product or service and allows you to sign up for a trial period, request a quote or a demonstration. These landing pages are a quick and easy way to inform visitors of all the descriptions of the offer at a glance. As you can see in the examples below, it is advisable to integrate the subscription form at this crucial step for the visitor in order to maximize your conversion rate.

5. Salesforce

The Salesforce landing page illustrates many best practices. The CRM tool provides a landing page with enough detail and lots of information to give the user confidence. However, one criticism is that the form is a little too cumbersome to fill out.

6. Tactill

The landing page of this connected checkout solution has all the right ingredients for a perfect landing page for me. A minimalist design, no menu that disturbs the processing path and a form that goes straight to the point.

7. ECL Direct

In spite of a somewhat dated design, the offer is presented in a very clear manner. What makes the difference here is the price directly put forward to reassure the user in his request for quote.

The Landing Page for Capturing Leads

Often referred to as Squeeze pages, these landing pages allow you to capture leads directly by collecting personal data from your visitors. These capture pages usually have no exit path either through links or a navigation menu and contain only a form. Premium white paper content is usually offered in exchange for your visitors’ personal data. This is the way to build your contact list for your prospect database and then do lead nurturing or marketing automation.

8. Plezi

Inbound Marketing Plezi’s solution offers here a very complete download landing page. The white paper is prominently displayed next to the form, and most importantly, there is a summary and key points of what can be found in the ebook. Again, the more elements that reassure, the higher the conversion rate.

9. WiziShop

Here, we find a landing page a little more simplistic, but no less efficient. A very large form and few elements that may distract the attention of the user.

10. Mailjet

Finally, I wanted to show a counter-example of a successful landing page. Although I don’t criticize the performance of the emailing tool, the landing pages of Mailjet deserve a little more work.

It should be remembered that the initial objective is to give the possibility to download the white paper in exchange for contact information. Unfortunately, the ebook is not well highlighted with a tiny illustration, a form well hidden on the right, and to top it all off, a nice paving stone that you don’t really want to read. In short, not to be done!

There are of course other examples that would deserve to be shown here. However, by respecting good practices and by taking inspiration from landing pages that are already working, there is no doubt that you will be able to increase your income. To improve your conversion rate, it is important to remember that your landing pages must be constantly tested with A/B testing methods to get the best results. Finally, if your target is international, don’t forget to localize the content in relation to the target market.