10 Great Fitness Affiliate Programs to Join

Owning a blog on the internet and NOT signing up for an affiliate program isn’t the smartest of financial plans. After all, by not signing up for any program at all, you’re missing out on quite a lot of revenue from commissions. Think about it, every single time a person on your blog reads about the product you’re promoting and decides to buy it, you’re automatically paid a fixed commission of his purchase! And if you have a decent amount of traffic on your website, you could end up making a lot more than you’d imagine.

But of course, you can’t just advertise anything you feel like on your blog; readers will most certainly be put off by the promotion of a restaurant on a technology blog. So, if you’re a sports and fitness blogger looking to partner up with some fitness affiliate programs, you’ve come to the right place. Take a look.

1 – Ace Fitness

Starting off our list, we have Ace Fitness, a company dedicated to substantially reduce unhealthy lifestyle-related diseases through the greatest means available to man: education. The company focuses on training people to adopt healthier lifestyles and in turn motivate others around them to do the same by training them AND CERTIFYING them to become personal trainers and the like. Sign up for their affiliate program, and you could be looking for an 8% commission for every person you send their way.

2 – Wahoo Fitness

A company dedicated solely to the running and cycling side of fitness, Wahoo Fitness has been around the fitness products industry long enough to realize the value of quality goods. They offer a wide range of products at their website, all of them related to running and cycling of course, that include (but are not limited to) bike trainers, heart monitors, and cycling sensors. They offer a 10% commission for every sale you make, so they might be worth looking into.

3 – Krono Fitness

Know what conditioning products are? They’re gear that lets you mold your body in a certain desired shape; think resistance bands and the like. Well, that’s exactly the kind of products that Krono fitness sells, along with other fitness gear and apparel, and signing up for their affiliate program entitles you to a commission. Now, the commission rates vary from the product, but since they lie in the effective range of 10-20%, Krono fitness is still a good bet.

4 – Simple Mobility Tools

With the risk of stating the obvious, Simple Mobility Tools is a company that sells simple mobility tools, or rather fitness gear that helps users relieve pain caused from exercising daily or increase your flexibility. Like their Mobilizer, for example, a simple but effective back-roller that eases the back pain the way a session at a chiropractor would. They even offer commission rates of up to 25% per sale, which is relatively high.

5 – Color Earth

They say sweets and chocolate is the last thing a fitness company should invest in. Well, Color Earth didn’t get the memo and started selling chocolate that wasn’t just unhealthy, it’s quite nutritious! They offer a whopping 40% commission for the first two months (after which it stays at around 15-35%) for affiliate programs, so it’s one of the more lucrative ones out there. Besides, how hard can it be to sell chocolate?

6 – Warrior Soul Agoge

It’s hard to stay motivated to work out regularly; ask any new gym-goer. But Warrior Soul Agoge believes wearing a shirt that constantly reminds you to better yourself should do the trick. That’s why this apparel brand sells shirts that not only push you to work harder but look good at the same time too. Their affiliate program offers a solid commission of 20%, so go check them out.

7 – Workout Anywhere by RundleFit

Finally! A company that truly understands that not everyone can take out the time to get in a decent workout every day, and does something about it. They offer you solutions and fitness training that isn’t very time consuming but promises to yield maximum results, something that’s perfect for busy professionals today. The commission rates for their affiliate program are also very high (50%!), so they’re a company you should try and partner with.

8 – Natalie Jill Fitness

In the world of popular fitness gurus, Miss Natalie Jill is a pretty famous personality. Why? Because her programs designed for women workers, and her impressive physique is all the proof, one needs for that. Head on over to her site to see what I mean and, while you’re at it, sign up for her affiliate program; her commission rates are at 30% are very profitable.

9 – Seat Hoody

Ever felt embarrassed by the stench your sweat makes after a workout? You wouldn’t want that stench to set in your car seat on your way back from the gym, now would you? That’s exactly why the Seat Hoody was invented. Think of it as a protector for your car seat that won’t let sweat permeate and set into it. Sign up as an affiliate, and you could earn a 15% commission every time someone decides to spare their car of a terrible stench, an occurrence which we imagine will be more common than not.

10 – Waistless

You’ve probably heard of slimming waistbands for women; you know the waistbands you wear under your regular clothes throughout the day to help you slim your waist down. We can’t say anything for other brands, but Waistless bands work, making you not only slimmer by contracting your stomach but also stopping you from overeating by making you feel full. They offer a 15% commission on each sale for their affiliate program, so they might be worth checking out.


Everything being said, it’s overall hard to find fitness affiliate programs that are good, since many offer meager commission rates and those that do offer higher rates often have very low sales. Still, we believe the above ten are exceptions to this rule; signing for any one of the above could grant you a hefty paycheck at the end of the month, but you need to play your cards right.