10 Great Gaming Affiliate Programs to Join

The internet has granted us the privilege of getting to make a living off of things we love doing the most. This sentiment is shared and adored by a lot of video-game enthusiasts who would love making a career out of their hobby. Affiliate programs are virtual advertisers that send users to your website, which inadvertently generates traffic for you.

If you’re a gamer and believe that you can make quality content in this particular manner, look no further, here are a few affiliate programs you can turn to that would give you a boost in your journey! 

1)    Amazon Associate Program

Operating worldwide, Amazon is a household in almost every first-world country there is. If you’re looking to expand your gaming expertise, look no further. Offering a wide range of services, this program will help you go regardless of how big or small your product might be. Utilizing simple tools and techniques to monetize your website, this is one of the most reliable programs to turn to if you want to make money.

2)    Newegg

Newegg is a big name in the gaming industry, especially in the United States, the United Kingdom, and a few other European countries. Similar to GameStop, Newegg serves as an online retail store and provides virtually every gaming product there is and is recommended heavily by professional bloggers. They provide accessories and products relating to several different factions but are noted for gaming apparels with competitive prices.

3)    G2Deal

An online platform, G2Deals provides a plethora of activating codes, such as Live Cards and PSN codes, for different games. For affiliates, G2Deals provides several ads and banners and is on the top of their game, as reported in late 2017. They also accommodate their clients well and have great offers online. Commission offered is 5%.

4)    Green Man Gaming

Offering a plethora of different online games, GMG brings together gaming enthusiasts from all over the world. They also help aspiring developers publish their game for trial-testing. There are several perks to GMG, such as several marketing techniques, ads and a general commission between 2-5%. They also help their affiliates promote their product and organize online competitions and giveaways.

5)    Astro gaming

This company creates gaming hardware that enhances the immersive experience of the user, such as headphones, earbuds, gaming apparel, and other stuff. The enhanced experience of gaming is why this website is a go-to for professional gamers and those who participate in major leagues.  With a commission of about 5%, you can anticipate new innovative gaming gear and activity on foreign websites.

6)    Chairs4Gaming

Responsible for ‘re-selling’ the brands that they carry, such as AKRacing, they excel in providing excellent customer support and online marketing experience that is unparalleled with minimum delay or hindrance. With a commission of 10%, they provide several bonuses for their affiliates, free shipping and several other perks, such as store credit which can be redeemed.

7)    GameFly

This platform allows the user to buy, rent and play games for a fee that is normally lower than the standard one. Having around 8,000 titles on their site, GameFly enables users to choose from so many options, which inevitably enables users to procure games easily and not worry about the hassle associated with buying games from the store. Affiliation with them will give you access to banners and text links which provides you real-time tracking. With commissions ranging from 5-15%, you can anticipate a great selection of product and an easy interface which you can deal with.

8)    Sila Games

Providing a wide range of options for Steam and UPlay games, Sila games have several offers that are too good to give up. They are video game distribution platform that offers different deals about licensed CD keys. They also host several competitions and giveaways which users can benefit from. The commission on the first purchase is 5% whereas it goes to 2.5% for every other purchase. With about more than 5000 games, several giveaways and a higher commission fee for premium affiliates, Sila Games are often recommended for those who have an active member base on social media sites such as YouTube and Twitch.

9)    Video Games Pay My Bills

This site deals with providing users with content that enable them to turn their hobby into a career. Allowing you to access content that allows you to market and monetize your site properly, Video Games Pay My Bills gives step by step tutorials and the pros of making video games and content-production as an active means of income. Commissions can range from $50-$100 per signup. There are several perks of this since you’ll get an insight on several different marketing strategies and methodologies which can help you set yourself apart from your competitors.

10)    ModdedZones

One of the best gaming-related companies there is, ModdedZone specializes in providing modifications in controllers and offer more than a 100 design and can cater to many more. Custom designed and modified controllers can be provided for XBOX ONE, XBOX ONE ELITE, XBOX 360, PS4, and PS3. Employing the latest innovations and techniques in the industry, they enhance the collective gaming experience and deliver genuine products. Commissions go up to about 5%. ModdedZones is a very reliable option for affiliation due to their products and is used by professional gamers and those who take part in big leagues.


The aforementioned affiliation programs all provide several benefits and perks. After careful evaluation and consideration, these are programs that stand out and provide outstanding benefits that can help transform your hobby into a fruitful career and finally help you reach the enhanced gaming experience that you yearn for and believe in.