Best Big Name Brand Affiliate Programs to Join

Quite a lot of factors go into the establishment and eventual success of any business, especially an online one. For starters, you need to figure out a concept and theme which will form the core of your intellectual property, followed by which you need to craft ways to drive audience views and support, and of course, how to ensure that people keep coming back. Since you need to ensure the survival of your business, you will need to encapsulate all of this with a well-thought and well-researched monetization strategy.

An interesting (and increasingly popular) option for monetization is affiliate marketing whereby you promote different businesses and brands on your website, for instance, in exchange for a commission. The obvious reason for its widespread acceptance and popularity lies in its win-win nature and the fact that the Internet has made it extremely easy to take any brand, expand its outreach and promote it to the masses. 

As an online business or blog that has just begun, affiliate marketing is an excellent option as it does not require a lot of effort on your part and you can always find businesses that are quite interested in gaining promotion via your platform. Secondly, as far as revenue streams go, it is quite a reliable one. Finally, the bigger the brand that you are endorsing and promoting, the better your revenue stream and the greater the potential you have of reaching out to a wider audience.

Since it can be hard to figure out what “big brands” you should consider going for, I have compiled a list of ten amazing affiliate programs from big name brands and businesses.

1. Walmart Affiliate Program

This program allows you to earn a commission from Walmart by placing banner and text ads on your website or blog. If a visitor to your site clicks on a link and then makes a purchase over there, you get a decent fee. The program is free to join, and once you become a member, you get professionally designed banners and text links that you can include at various places in your site, ideally placed in positions that will receive the most visitor clicks.

As a marketer, you can get up to 4% on each eligible sale that a visitor makes on via the link on your site. Considering the decent rate and the big name associated with it, as well as the ease of setting up a membership account, this is a program that you can’t pass up.

2. Target Affiliate Program

This affiliate program provider is the biggest online partner of the brick-and-mortar retail giant that we know as Target. The best part about partnering up with this program is the immense amount of brand trust and loyalty associated with Target, which is sure to impact your business positively. It can play a pivotal role in expanding your own brand identity and elevating you to a higher position. 

Secondly, Target link cookies last for a total of seven days. What this means is that you can get paid your commission as long as customers purchase from Target within seven days after clicking on the advert. This is immense, especially when compared to Amazon’s 24 hour link period.

3. eBay Partner Network

Considering that eBay is an online retail giant with over a billion listings, you certainly get a diverse range of options, regarding what you can promote and market. Just like Target, you can benefit from the immense brand loyalty and identity associated with eBay. 

However, the percentage commission 50 to 70 percent, which is smaller as compared to other programs and affiliate partners are only paid monthly.

4. GiddyUp

GiddyUp is a high-profile marketing agency for innovative, disruptive and high-performing brands. Therefore, this brand is excellent for promoting on your site or blog because of all the connections it has with major businesses.

They have a special program called GiddyUp Publisher which allows affiliates to get weekly payments on every offer.

5. Rakuten Marketing

We all want to market a huge brand name on our site, but what about the premier marketing agency for many of those brand names? That is exactly what Rakuten Marketing is, which has been voted as the Best Affiliate Network for seven years straight and has served hundreds of millions of customers worldwide.

Associated with such grand names as Walmart and Macy’s, Rakuten brings quite a lot to the table, therefore, partnering up with this behemoth in an affiliate program will do wonders for you.

6. Avantlink

Avantlink is not just a quality platform for affiliate marketing professionals, but also the leading cost-per-sale tracking platform. It has an abundance of data as a result of its work, which results in an improved understanding of the relationship between the products you promote and how you market them.

Partnering up with this program can result in huge benefits for you, because of the data and the customization offered.

7. JVZoo

This is a software as a service (SaaS) which is majorly focused on digital and online products. The first obvious advantage of using this system is the user-friendly sign-up process which makes it a good choice for newcomers and beginners in affiliate marketing.

A few benefits of using this system are instant access to commissions, as well as real-time tracking of user traffic and statistics.

8. Clickbank

Clickbank is another ideal option for affiliate marketing which reaches out to almost 200 million customers and fairly high commissions of up to 75 percent.

Furthermore, you will be offered various opportunities for recurring commissions, partnerships and advanced analytics.

9. Shareasale

This affiliate marketing program is worth a shot because it has been existing for almost two decades and has worked with almost 4,000 merchants across various product categories.

Since they have quite a reputation for quality customer support, Shareasale is another partner you can’t pass up on.

10. FlexOffers

With affiliate program categories including automotive, business, education, entertainment, sports, travel, and even legal services, FlexOffers is a gigantic network with over 12,000 programs and the diversity alone makes it an excellent choice for promotion in your online business.


In conclusion, diversification is the right strategy as far as affiliate marketing is concerned, which means that you are better off using a combination of variables such programs to compose an excellent monetization strategy.