10 Great Pet Affiliate Programs to Join

Money is something everyone desires, and it has been the only surviving factor for us, and it will remain the same for the future as well. Affiliate marketing and programs are one easy and effective way to gain passive income. It refers to gaining capital by bringing in people to view or use the product or website. Affiliate marketing is an effective income easily earned. You can get into affiliate marketing from your home using the internet.

Business can expand and thrive in the market using marketing techniques and affiliate marketing. There are many different ways you can earn money using different affiliate marketing strategies. One of the easiest programs is the pet affiliate program.

If you have a pet and love to write about it, these affiliate programs can turn your passion into a money-making setup.

Most of the pet owners treat their pets as their family member and love them the same. They love their pet animals and most even have a blog dedicated especially to their blog. Using affiliate programs, you can earn money by writing about anything of your pet such as self-help, training, natural styling, etc.

Listed below are the ten best pet affiliate programs guaranteed to help you earn money by bringing traffic to your website.

1.    Pet care supplies

The leading brand of health care for animals do almost anything for your pets. They include services such as some common treatments, joints healing and nutritional benefits for your cats and dogs or any pet at all.

The company pays you a 10-13% commission, and the cookie stays for 60 days. The average cost of each order is around $120, and you can easily earn up to $5000.

2.    Revival animal

The company formed at the basement of Dr. Roy in 1989 has grown into a nationwide healthcare supply for pets. They specialize in knowledge of animal healthcare and maintaining good relations with customers. More than 1500 products are being offered in the website of revival animal.

This particular company pays a commission of %10, and the cookie life is of 45 days. The company receives large amounts of orders daily with an average cost of $110.

3.    TruDog

A company owned by a small family which provides your pets with healthy and nutritious food products. They sell foods, supplements, and treats for all sorts of pets. The food provided by the company is completely natural and the goal of the company is to provide the nation with natural health products for your pets.

The commission is given by the company is %10 and the cookie expiry time is 90 days.

The average order is of $47. Different packages are being offered by the company for the user as well.

4.    Furbo dog camera

This interactive and innovative Alexa enabled company provides users with a camera which can help them in seeing and interacting with their pets at any time. They can see, talk and treat their dogs from long distances.

The company has been featured by many tech companies and infamous TV shows such as Ellen.

Affiliates of the company earn a 10% commission while the cookie duration is 30 days. The average sale of one unit is $187.

5.    FitBark

A company on a mission to get pets and humans healthy at the same time. The highest rated dog health app on the play store with their products being used in over 100 countries.

The app is great for fitness freaks and bloggers. A commission of 12% is earned and the cookie time is of 60 days. The average sales are at $100.

6.    Cherrybrook 

The company started 46 years ago selling dog combs and brushes in dog shows. Now they are based in New Jersey and have four outlets there. Other than that, they have global online stores, and their popular mobile retail booth is popular in more than 200 dog shows annually.

The company has a good repute for high-quality products and great customer satisfaction and reviews. 

The cookie life of the company is 45 days while the commission earned can be up to 12%. The marketing can be done online or through posters and banners.

7.    King Kanine 

A company is different from others. This company is dedicated to the lives of dogs and cats and their serviceability. Their products are easy to use for the caretakers as well as the pets. Their products are used in over 26 countries, and their products contain natural and organic materials.

The commission is 20% for the affiliates, and the cookie duration is for 30 days. The payments for the affiliates are made bi-monthly.

8.    Petco

The company is located in over 1500 different locations in America and has employed over 25,000 people. The company has been helping pets for 50 years and are obsessed with providing pets with products and services.

The commission ranges from 5-8% and has a unique criterion for their payments. The cookies last for seven days.

9.    Animal Den

The number 1 gift site for pets and animals. They have the best gifts and sell thousands of products with customer satisfaction being their priority. It is an incredible place for pet enthusiasts and the customer satisfaction rates for the company range from 60-100%

The commission can be earned of 12-13%, and the cookie life is of 45 days.

10.    Pets warehouse

The top retailers in the market. A company with over 50,000 products to choose from their online website. Their website is constantly updating, and if there is some product missing there, you can order it for later. Their goal is to satisfy every customer and therefore have reached this level of success.

The earning for affiliates is 8%, and the cookie duration is 30 days.


If you’re in the pet and animal industry then skipping on these affiliate programs is certainly a bad move. These programs not only generate more cash for you but would help re-direct traffic towards your website as well. No one wants to skip a hefty commission for themselves so why should you?