10 Great Web Hosting Affilate Programs to Join

If you’re not familiar with affiliate programs even though you have a website that generates a fair amount of traffic, then you’re honestly missing out on a great opportunity to earn quite a large amount of money. What are affiliate programs? Well, to put it simply, these are programs that pay you to sell another person’s product. Think of it as an advertisement for particular products the companies of which will pay you a commission if the person does end up buying the product on your reference.

Now, as far as affiliate programs on the web go, there are many out there (almost too many to count actually!), but like any other market, not all of them are worth your time. Chalk it up to overall low traffic rates on their website or low commission rates but partnering up with low-value affiliate programs isn’t worth your time. What needs to be done now is to sift the diamonds from the rough: those programs that are bound to give you better returns for each click. And here are ten affiliate services you can sign up that would offer you just that.

1 – ShareASale

In the affiliate program business for over 18 years now, ShareASale is one of the largest affiliate markets out there. While the company does not sell any products on its own, it does have a merchant community close to 4000 in number, meaning you’d get an enormous variety of options to choose an affiliate program from if you decided to partner with this service. They’re also well known in the market for their excellent service, timely payments and, most importantly, honesty. So, you can rest easy working with this company.

2 – Amazon Associates

In this age of the internet, who hasn’t heard of Amazon? It is hands down the most well-known of all e-commerce marketplaces (even in areas where it’s not even available!), which means the number of people visiting the site each day is also very large. And although signing up for Amazon Affiliates may not look as attractive as signing up for other services that offer higher commissions, the sheer volume of people that’d click on a link to Amazon on your website would raise your earnings to much higher volumes than you realize. In short, this is one program you should not skip on.

3 – ClickBank

While ClickBank is primarily a platform to buy e-products such as tutorial videos or e-books, it is more well-known for its lucrative affiliate programs with some of the highest commission rates on the market (up to a whopping 75%!). As if this wasn’t enough, their outreach towards customers is nearly 200 million people, meaning traffic on your website should automatically rise, which is always a good thing. Add ClickBank’s impressive customer support, recurring commissions, and analytics tools for partners and you’ve got yourself one deal that’s hard to ignore.

4 – Shopify

Another e-commerce giant like Amazon, Shopify is a well-known platform for businesses to set up their online stores. However, instead of promoting an existing business on Shopify and getting paid a commission that pays you a meager sum, Shopify’s affiliate programs encourage you to promote businesses to set up a store on their site. And if a store is set up on your reference, you are entitled by the program to earn a 20% monthly share on their revenue; a smaller percentage than what most commissions offer, but a bigger haul in the long run.

5 – Kinsta 

It’s quite possible you came across Kinsta if you were setting up a WordPress website. If you did, you might have noticed it’s important services and the amount of dedication the team showed to the product, regardless of whether you chose to host your website on it or not. Well, if you missed out on partnering with Kinsta before, here’s your chance to get in on this again with their affiliate program, one that offers you a 10% recurring commission for every referral you give to other people to set up their website on Kinsta.

6 – SEMRush

Want to partner with an online marketing tool that’s trusted by some of the biggest industries out there like eBay, Disney, and HP? Look no further than SEMRush, one of the best marketing tools (or rather toolkit) to date. While their marketing tools are certainly impressive, what you’d find more attractive are their high pricing plans for referrals; play your cards right, and you can earn around $160 a month for each referral.

7 – The Six Figure Mentors

Think of this as an elite online academy taught by accomplished entrepreneurs for the budding enthusiast out there and how they can follow in their footsteps to reach the summit of success in their entrepreneurial career. While it’s not the most common type of affiliate program out there (which has you selling online courses to people in business), it is certainly one of the most profitable. Perhaps even THE most profitable, with earnings of around $8000 per sale! 

Do not let this opportunity pass you by.

8 – eBay Partner Network

A company that needs no introduction, eBay’s affiliate program is another one of those programs that are easy to sign up and qualify for and with the large volume of traffic on the site each day, you can be sure to bag quite some referrals by the end of every single month. The commissions are a little lower as compared to others on the list though, but like with Amazon Affiliates, the large number of clicks should easily make up the difference.

9 – Etoro

When it comes to online trading of stocks, commodities or currencies, Etoro has a clever solution for novice investors: giving them the option to copy investment tactics of successful investors. But why invest using Etoro’s app (though if you’re interested, you should give it a try) when you can sign up for their much more profitable (and far less risky) affiliate program.

10 – Organifi 

As far as physical products go, affiliate marketing commissions aren’t that high and are usually a waste of your time. However, it would seem Organifi is the one company that breaks this mold completely. They offer their customers food supplements, ranging from protein and probiotics to flagship products like their “Green Juice,” products that have made the brand very successful, which lets them offer relatively profitable affiliate programs with quite solid monthly returns.


Not signing up for an affiliate program is one of the greatest injustices you can do to yourself and your website, so be sure to try at least one service of the ten mentioned here. But do not restrict yourself to one service at one time; diversification is after all the key to success, and having your eggs in more than one basket is one of the oldest and truest economic metaphors out there.